Service Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated
  • Custom Image / Custom Image white engraving only


    Will be in laser White ONLY

    MUST BE in Vector or AI format ...........Custom Image / logo,  Non Stock Image or Unit Patch etc. Small Logos ca be put bellow the clip or on either side of the coin plate, Larger Engravings will be placed on the slick plate where the image looks best for the size. Quality of the image that is sent matters. So Please send the best image you have. We request images be sent in the following: 

    ALL Custom Orders Can take up to 3 weeks or more depending on the cycle

    File Submission Guidelines:

    In order to accurately reproduce your image’s complexity of color, there are a few guidelines that aid IMP in the process of achieving vibrant colors with a Gray Aluminum Base.

    File submissions should be of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) and at a large size of 25”x25”. (A larger size image generally means a higher resolution.)

    If your image is to be Repeated (ie. Camouflage) there should be no visible “Line” where the pattern repeats.

    Files should be saved with RGB color profiles (sRGB or Adobe RGB) and either as a PNG, TIFF, or JPEG file formats.

    Along with the file, a tactile product with the color scheme to be represented is requested at the time of file transfer. (ie. Fabric, Tile, or current product)

    PERMODIZED proofs will be sent for approval. Once approved we will diligently reproduce that color for future productions.

    Laser Requirments:

    Logo’s and text are to be submitted as either a Vector file (.Cdr, .Ai, .Pdf, .Dwg) to scale (1:1) or at best a large PNG file with a transparent background.

    If a photographic image is to be lasered, (jpeg) conversions may be subject to additional fee.